The language the dictionary describes; the language the dictionary is about.
The language in which the dictionary gives definitions and explanations. If same as object language, then the dictionary is monolingual. If different, then the dictionary is bilingual.
What kind of dictionary are you looking for?
General dictionaries
General dictionaries are dictionaries that document contemporary vocabulary and are intended for everyday reference by native and fluent speakers.
OBJECT LANGUAGE Albanian METALANGUAGE Albanian GENRE General dictionaries https://fjalorthi.com/
Dictionaries on special topics
Dictionaries on special topics are dictionaries that focus on a specific subset of the vocabulary (such as new words or phrasal verbs) or which focus on a specific dialect or variant of the language.
The dictionary of the Albanian Language OBJECT LANGUAGE Albanian METALANGUAGE Albanian GENRE Dictionaries on special topics http://www.fjalori.shkenca.org/
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