Oabject Language
The language the dictionar describes; the language the dictionar is aboot
The language in which the dictionar gies definitions an explanations. If the same as oabject language, then the dictionar is monolingual. If different the dictionar is bilingual
Whit kinna dictionar are ye luikin fur?
General dictionars
General dictionars are dictionars that document contemporary vocabulary an are intendit for everyday reference by native and fluent speakers.
Portals an aggregators
Portals an aggregators are websites that provide access tae mair nor yin dictionar an allow ye tae luik at thaim aw at yince.
Oabject Language Latin, Greek METALANGAUGE English GENRE Portals an aggregators http://logeion.uchicago.edu/index.html
Historical dictionars
Historical dictionars are dictionars whit document previous historical states o the language.
Greek-Spanish Dictionary Oabject Language Greek METALANGAUGE Spanish GENRE Historical dictionars http://dge.cchs.csic.es/xdge/
Oabject Language Greek METALANGAUGE French GENRE Historical dictionars, Portals an aggregators https://outils.biblissima.fr/fr/eulexis-web/
Oabject Language Greek METALANGAUGE English GENRE Historical dictionars http://dictionaries.brillonline.com/montanari
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