Dictionars are an important pairt o life in the day's international, multilingual warld. The European Dictionar Portal is here tae help ye fin yer wey tae guid, sicker oanline dictionars o European languages, regairdless o whither yer an academic, translator, a language dominie or juist a language enthusiast. Aw dictionars listit here hae been haund picked by curators fae the European Network o e-Lexicography whae are expairt lexicographers thaimsels.

Div ye ken a dictionar that suld be here? Tell us aboot it! Yer submission will be reviewed by yin o oor curators an, if thocht richt, the dictionar will be includit in the European Dictionar Portal. The website owner will be invitit tae display a stamp o approval oan thir website.