Dictionaries are an important part of life in today's international, multilingual world. The European Dictionary Portal is here to help you find your way to good online dictionaries of European languages, regardless of whether you are an academic, a translator, a language teacher or simply a language enthusiast. All dictionaries listed here have been handpicked by curators from the European Network of e-Lexicography who are expert lexicographers themselves and who speak the language.

Members of the public and dictionary publishers alike are welcome to suggest dictionaries for inclusion. Being included in the European Dictionary Portal is a recognition of quality. Dictionaries included here are invited to display a stamp of approval on their website.


To be included in the European Dictionary Portal, a dictionary must be:

These criteria are intended as guides and do not confer any entitlements. The inclusion or otherwise of any particular dictionary is at the curators' discretion. In exceptional cases one or more of the criteria can be relaxed, for example when a dictionary is the only one available for its language.